About us

Ascen is a modern back office platform and employer of record for staffing firms.

Built for Staffing Organizations

Ascen is an all-in-one EOR and payroll platform to help staffing agencies grow by making back office effortless.
Built on experience
While running a tech-driven staffing firm, we found one of the key barriers to growth was being an employer across the country. There were many pitfalls, from managing compliance and cash flow, that it seemed there should be a service to make it easier. Unfortunately the services on the market were not tech-forward, so we launched our EOR and back office product.

We soon launched an API product and then a pure payroll offering for larger firms. Today we are a full-featured back office platform that helps all sorts of staffing organizations grow: small agencies just getting started, international staffing agencies expanding to the US, large staffing agencies using our payroll software under their own EIN, and venture-backed staffng platforms that integrate with our REST API.
Our team
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Ascen is a global team made up of experts in staffing and recruitment, fintech, financial services, and technology
Backed by the best
With funding from Y Combinator, the top seed investor in the world, Ascen created an all-in-one platform to help staffing companies grow their business by solving all of the back office problems of running a staffing agency: payroll, billing, funding, and compliance.