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We founded Ascen because it solves a big problem we experienced in our lives. In our previous startup, we initially didn't take salaries to get the company off the ground. During that time we freelanced as developers on the internet to make income. The internet has opened up many opportunities to earn while not being in an office, but there were downsides. Although we were making pretty good money in software, the income was precarious and we didn't get the benefits that many employees do.

It was also clear that companies had a difficult time finding the right talent. Finding on-site talent is becoming increasingly difficult and companies have turned to remote options. However, many freelancing websites have a hard time maintaining quality. One of the hardest issues is that contractors on these sites are often in distant time zones and struggle with some of the communication required for high-level work. Furthermore, companies need hands-on help finding talent. It's not enough to go off of ratings and be inundated with applications. Companies need quality and have a hard time digging through dozens of applications. Lastly, compliance issues are becoming increasingly important and it's no longer a given that any remote talent will be hired on a 1099 basis. Many online talent marketplaces wrongly classify their talent.

So we created a solution. Ascen is a talent marketplace for US-based remote tech talent. We help companies find highly-skilled talent for remote positions, whether direct hires or contract roles. We are building a community in the largest office space in the world, online. We strongly believe that the future of work is remote and that we will be the platform for that future.

Francis Larson
, Founder at Ascen

The future of work is remote.

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