Our customers entrust us with sensitive data, and we take that role seriously.


At Ascen, we recognize the critical nature of safeguarding our customers' information. Aware that trust is not given but earned, we commit ourselves to continuously earn and keep our customers' trust through diligent protection of their information.


  • Every internal employee undergoes thorough background checks.
  • All team members receive comprehensive security awareness training.
  • Every employee utilizes multi-factor authentication and password managers managed by the company.


  • Encryption of all data during transit and at rest
  • Use of AWS for hosting infrastructure
  • Code and infrastructure updates undergo rigorous review and are only deployed after a team member approves and all tests are successful
  • Penetration testing performed at least annually
  • Ascen requires vulnerability scanning at key stages of our Secure Development Lifecycle
  • Authentication required for all API interactions

Bug Bounty Program

Should you identify a potential security vulnerability, or if you're interested in joining our bug bounty program, please reach out to us via email here. You will be given guidelines on disclosure and details regarding rewards.