Pay & Bill Software

Use Ascen's all-in-one staffing back office software for payroll and invoicing and run payroll under your own EIN.


Employees can accomplish all onboarding tasks with a white-label experience in one platform.
  • Tax Withholdings
  • ID Verification
  • Form I-9 / E-Verify
  • Credentialing
  • Custom Document Templates
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Timesheets and Expenses

Manage timesheets and expense approvals with clients and sync to payroll.

Employees can enter time and expenses their white-label employee portal to be approved by end clients with one-click and no-click approvals and seamless automation.

  • White label employee time and expense dashboard
  • One-click and no-click client approvals
  • White label client portal
  • Automatically calculate overtime and sync to payroll

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Payroll Processing

Run payroll under your own EIN with automated tax deposits and net payroll, built for staffing.

Don't stop at gross pay with a half-solution. Many middle office providers force you to contract with a third-party payroll provider. Not so with Ascen. We calculate gross pay from timesheets and expenses, with complex overtime rules built for staffing. Ascen pays out net pay to workers and deposits taxes within the same platform. All white label, all synced with your end client billing.

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Invoicing and AR Automation

White-label invoicing and AR automation to create invoices from your payroll data.

One key problem staffing companies have is that data and processes for time, payroll, and invoices live in multiple systems. Ascen's white label invoicing software is built into our payroll platform, allowing you to confidently bill end clients for time worked.

Our features are built for staffing:

  1. Transaction-level syncing with timesheets and payroll to Invoices
  2. White label invoices
  3. Complex, automated invoicing grouping rules (PO, Department, Work Location, and More)
  4. Client reminders and backup data for audits
  5. Accounting Integrations Built In (Quickbooks, Xero, NetSuite, Microsoft
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Reporting and API

Real-time reporting and API access to automate your staffing business.

Sync your payroll and invoicing data to your accounting software with our built-in integrations or use our platform reporting to gain insight into your business. Add custom reports to dive deeper into your numbers.

For staffing customers that require automated workflows, our REST API has full coverage of our web application, so whatever you can do in our web app, you can do through our API. Assignment creation, timesheet submission, payroll runs, paystub retrieval, and onboarding statuses, all can be done through our REST API.

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The process

This is what you can expect. Get startet quickly without effort.
Schedule a demo to see how easy it is to create a contractor assignment.
We set up your account credentials for you
Create and manage assignments through your Ascen dashboard or via our REST API.
Ascen handles pay and billing so you can focus on people and growth.
Most Important Tool for our Business
The Ascen platform...has been the most important tool for our business
Light Industrial Staffing Firm
So good, I don't think about it
After starting [our staffing agency], Ascen has been very responsive and the platform is great. Don't take this the wrong way, but it's so good, I don't think about it.
IT Staffing Firm
Easy to Grow Our Contract Footprint
We have been nothing short of delighted with Ascen as the exclusive contract partner of [our agency]. They have been super easy to work with and more importantly our clients and candidates have all been super happy. The team have been exceptionally responsive when any changes are required or questions need answering. The portal itself is also terrific; it gives super clear insight as to when revenue is coming, how much has been received and this allows for super accurate forecasting. If I’m honest, I wasn’t considering having any contract as part of our offering at [our agency] with the headache of financing or having to run it all ourselves; now with Ascen as our partner we have a strategic objective to continue to grow our contract footprint
Fast-growing Cybersecurity Recruitment Agency

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