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Whether it's EOR, AOR, or Payroll, Ascen's staffing back office products will let you focus on growth, while we do the rest.
Employer of Record
Ascen becomes the legal Employer of Record (EOR) of your candidates, assuming the insurance, payroll, and compliance responsibilities.
Hire without an entity, registrations, or insurance.
Onboarding, Payroll, and HR Compliance
Optional invoice financing built into the platform
White label platform with real-time reports on billing, payroll, profits and distributions
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Agent of Record
Ascen shields liability for engaging independent contractors (1099, C2C, Corp-to-Corp) by acting as the Agent of Record (AOR).
Indemnification for compliance risks
US and International Payments
End client Invoicing
W-9, W8-BEN, IC agreement, and other document management
IC Classification and Compliance
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Pay & Bill software
White label, all-in-one back office software platform that handles payroll and billing for your staffing agency.
Ascen runs payroll under your own EIN
For firms that already have insurance and HR operations to run payroll under their own EIN
Staffing firm assumes the responsibility of HR compliance
Ascen debits staffing firm and deposits taxes/net pay for employees
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All in one
Full service solution. We handle everything for a small monthly fee. This will pay off quickly, as you save on time and can leave it all to us.
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