Agent of Record

Engaging Independent Contractors involves misclassification risk and complicated global payments. Ascen's Agent of Record can shield your staffing organization from risk and help streamline your IC payments process.

The Problem

Hiring Freelance and Corp-to-Corp talent is fraught with misclassification risk and global payment complexity.

Staffing organizations often work with independent talent for certain types of roles like in IT and Life Sciences. If staffing firms misclassify workers, there is substantial legal risk in lawsuits, government fines, and back taxes. This becomes even more complicated as recruitment agencies engage talent across multiple jurisdictions with different laws.

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The AOR Solution

Ascen steps in as the Agent of Record, to provide a legal separation between you and the IC and manage payments on your behalf.

As Agent of Record, Ascen assumes the IC classification risk on your behalf, allowing you to focus on your core strengths. Some benefits of Ascen's Agent of Record (AOR):

  • Initial and periodic IC Classification
  • Works with ICs, 1099s, Corp-to-Corp (IC)
  • Global Payments to ICs
  • Insurance and Document Verification
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Global Pay and Bill

Ascen provides a white-label pay and bill platform for your IC assignments.

Ascen's AOR pay and bill software is built for staffing organizations in mind.

  • Onboard your ICs effortlessly in a white label environment
  • Pay your ICs around the world in 150 different countries
  • Bill your clients for IC work
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Embedded Funding

Staffing Agencies can use Ascen's optional embedded payroll funding to run IC assignments at scale.

Ascen's optional payroll funding allows your recruitment agency to staff IC assignments for your clients and have the funding to grow, while clients pay in net 30-90 terms. Ascen's embedded funding means you can fund operations without needing to manage cash, handle collections, or provide personal guarantees.

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The process

This is what you can expect. Get startet quickly without effort.
Schedule a demo to see how easy it is to create a contractor assignment.
We set up your account credentials for you
Create and manage assignments through your Ascen dashboard or via our REST API.
Ascen handles pay and billing so you can focus on people and growth.
Most Important Tool for our Business
The Ascen platform...has been the most important tool for our business
Light Industrial Staffing Firm
So good, I don't think about it
After starting [our staffing agency], Ascen has been very responsive and the platform is great. Don't take this the wrong way, but it's so good, I don't think about it.
IT Staffing Firm
Easy to Grow Our Contract Footprint
We have been nothing short of delighted with Ascen as the exclusive contract partner of [our agency]. They have been super easy to work with and more importantly our clients and candidates have all been super happy. The team have been exceptionally responsive when any changes are required or questions need answering. The portal itself is also terrific; it gives super clear insight as to when revenue is coming, how much has been received and this allows for super accurate forecasting. If I’m honest, I wasn’t considering having any contract as part of our offering at [our agency] with the headache of financing or having to run it all ourselves; now with Ascen as our partner we have a strategic objective to continue to grow our contract footprint
Fast-growing Cybersecurity Recruitment Agency

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