How Ascen Helped a Light Industrial Staffing Firm Grow 3x in 18 Months

A light industrial staffing agency in the US East Coast faced a challenge managing payroll and onboarding for a high volume of contractors. The CEO found Ascen, an all-in-one back office solution. With Ascen, the CEO was able to focus on building the business, resulting in 3x growth in 18 months.


The CEO of a light industrial staffing firm had a strong network of community connections and local client relationships, allowing for immediate success in the business. However, as the company grew, the CEO recognized that he needed to spend more time on the back-office functions of onboarding new contractors and managing payroll. With a forward-looking perspective on the business, the CEO had outsourced the sourcing part of the recruitment process and realized that he needed to focus on his strengths - making deals - and outsource the rest. Therefore, the challenge was to find a solution to outsource the back-office functions of onboarding and payroll management, allowing the CEO to concentrate on sales and growth. The solution needed efficient and effective management of these functions, ensuring that the high volume nature of the company's work maintained quality. Additionally, the solution had to allow the company to maintain its community connections for recruitment and leverage its local client relationships for continued growth. 


After researching various options, the CEO found Ascen, an all-in-one back office solution for staffing agencies. Ascen's platform automated the onboarding process for contractors, which was particularly beneficial in the high-volume and fast-paced nature of light industrial staffing. Ascen became the Employer of Record, reducing compliance and administrative burdens for the CEO. Additionally, Ascen handled payroll management, ensuring timely and accurate payments for all contractors. Perhaps most importantly, Ascen provided funding, eliminating the need for the CEO to put up personal guarantees or collateral. This allowed the company to grow rapidly and sustainably without the constraints of limited cash flow. Thanks to Ascen, the CEO focused on building relationships with potential clients and candidates while the platform handled the back-office operations. As a result, the company tripled its growth in just 18 months.

100-150 Contractors
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New England
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Light Industrial
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